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Occupational Health & Safety Management

We take of safety so you can focus on your project.

Collins Safety Services takes the worry and guess work out of coordinating, implementing, and managing workplace safety for your project.

We’ll work closely with your project management team on new and ongoing projects and take on your safety management responsibilities so you and your team have more time for actual project development.

Our team of experienced and certified safety professionals will help you address your project needs and requirements to ensure nothing is missed and all legislative responsibilities and due-diligence are met.

We take the pressure off so you can focus on your business!

Safety Coordinator

Immediate access to project Information… is paramount !

All key personnel are kept up to date with 24/7 access
to project information through our safety management system.

Meet our Client Portal


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Client Portal:
Provides all key personnel with 24/7 access to up to date project information.


Photo Library:
Have access to all project plans and documents from anywhere you are.


Project Status Reports:
Action items, messages, status reports, and more.


Document & Plan Room:
Access to all project plans and documents from anywhere you are.

If you’re an owner or Prime Contractor for a multi-employer workplace, it’s a requirement of the WSBC regulation (Part: 20.3) to ensure that a “Qualified Coordinator” has been appointed to the project. That’s where we come in!

As your project Health & Safety Coordinator we go far beyond just meeting compliance requirements. Our OH&S management and coordinating process provides oversight and accountability at every level to ensure workers and the general public are safe and your best interest and reputation remain intact from beginning to end.


We believe in a safety by design approach to safety management at the inception of project development and pre-construction phases.
This concept allows for the consideration of ALL areas of the work where occupational hazards can exist, subsequently be assessed and mitigated early on in the process.

With over 75 years of combined OH&S experience within our team, and backed by our industry leading and proprietary S.M.A.R.T. safety management system, we’ll ensure your project is a huge success.

See below how we pull it all together …

Your safety is our business…
We got you covered!

Site Specific Safety Management Plans

Our Site Specific Safety Management Plans (SSSMP) are developed to provide a complete and comprehensive document comprised of all the elements that make up the requirements needed to implement and manage an effective Safety Management Plan for new and existing projects.

Our Site Specific Safety Management Plans are developed to provide a complete and comprehensive document comprised of all the elements that make up the requirements needed to implement and manage an effective Safety Management Plan for new and existing projects.

We’ll get your project started off on the right foot!

Contractor Safety Management

Our contractor management process will include evaluating contractors
pre-project to ensure they are ready prior to arriving on site and have all the necessary information for a safe and successful experience.

Contractor pre-qualification is the first step and an important vetting process which allows the owner or Prime Contractor to demonstrate due-diligence as part of the overall contractor safety management process.

Some of the elements we review in the vetting process include:

  • Qualification
  • Insurance
  • Regulation compliance
  • Safety record

S.M.A.R.T. – Integration

Communication and access to vital information when its needed is key in occupational health and safety coordination and management.

Having everyone on the same page is imperative to achieve success throughout the project. We provide this to all key personnel through our Client Portal as part of our service so everyone stays informed.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Contractor Web Portals
  • Access via IOS, iPad APP
  • Document Library
  • Electronic Safety Forms
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Incident Tracking
  • Safety Programs
  • Contact/Trade Lists
  • Emergency Information
  • Bulletins/Notifications/Alerts
  • Instant messaging
  • and More!

OH&S Regulation Compliance

WorkSafeBC regulations can be overwhelming for employers to understand at the best of times but when it comes to safety at the workplace… liability and accountability is everything. Lets face it, its better to do it right the first time than pay the consequences for OH&S non-compliance.

We’ll be there to help make sense of it all and advise along the way. Some of our team members are former WCB specialists so you’re in good hands!

We act on your behalf and liaise with WorkSafeBC Officers to address concerns and implement corrective action where necessary.

Site Inspections / Audits

Our Site Specific Safety Management Plan (SSSMP) will require all employers (contractors) to perform and submit regular hazard assessments, site inspections, and toolbox talks for their area and scope of work on the project.

As your Project Safety Coordinator, we’ll also perform regular site audits complete with reports that are submitted to you (the client) so you’re kept in the loop on day to day activity processes and safety performance.

Worksite Inspections

Incident Management

Lets’ face it… accidents happen – and when they do, it should always be considered practical to conduct an investigation for any and all incidents, accidents,  and near misses to determine the root cause so prevention of similar occurrences and future losses can be avoided.

There are also certain incidents/accidents in the workplace that are not only required to be investigated… but also reported to WorkSafeBC within a certain time period and followed up with a formal investigation.

Part of the responsibilities of the Prime Contractor (as well as involved contractor) is to ensure the right sequence of events are taken without delay when an incident happens.

We work directly with the site Construction Safety Officer (CSO) and/or Superintendent to ensure this happens. From securing the scene to follow up investigation… we got you covered!

Joint Health and Safety Committee Meetings (JHSC)

The joint health and safety committee (JHSC) supports the employer’s duty to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.

The joint committee is one requirement that brings together representatives of the employer and the workers, to identify and help resolve health and safety issues at the workplace.

Within our management plan we’ll conduct regular JHSC meetings (on site) to ensure consistent collaboration and communication with respect to OH&S.

Safety Committee

Site Check-in & Emergency Management

Personnel Management is a key element in OH&S coordination.
Our site check-in system will prove invaluable with its many capabilities such as:

  • Web, mobile, iPad & geo-fencing check-in
  • Photo ID / Visitor badges
  • Evacuation Management (Diagrams, Site Plans, Notifications, etc)
  • Custom forms (agreements, policies, procedures, etc.)
  • Contractor Incident Reporting and inspection checklists
  • Live messaging via email and SMS
  • Calendar integration… and more!

Occupational Health & Safety Training

Another advantage we bring to the table is that…

If training is required at any time throughout the project, we can provide private or group sessions to accommodate just about any schedule.

We offer a wide variety of OH&S training courses through our Training Centre located just off the Golden ears Bridge in Maple Ridge.

What our clients say

Collins Safety Services Joe from Collins Safety Services was very informative and efficient from the beginning. With very few administrative resources required from our company, Collins Safety turned around a COR compliant program for our firm within a few days that is simple to maintain and easy to follow. The feedback from the field is overwhelmingly positive with procedures that have been simple to implement. Collins Safety Services

Collins Safety Services We have used the services of Collins Safety for the past five years, during this time they have assisted us in ensuring that our health and safety work practices are in place, effective and current. Keeping our health and safety programs up to date is good business for us and our clients and I would have no hesitation recommending Collins Safety to anyone. Collins Safety Services

Collins Safety Services Tasa Construction has worked with Joe and his company on many different safety related requirements we had including; creating a company health and safety program, site specific safety programs, and even new employee safety training. He has always delivered the programs when we needed them (sometimes under tight timelines)… we are very happy with his work! Collins Safety Services

Collins Safety Services Collins Safety Services was and continues to be a huge asset on our BC development projects. Joe and his team are very professional and provide top notch project management and consulting services. We have noticed a big change for the better since they have come aboard and we look forward to continuing working together for years to come. Collins Safety Services


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